Our Mission

Middle East Publishing is a small publishing house and home to three publishing imprints:

  • Dihya Imprint – Dedicated to children’s picture books in the language of Tamazight (indigenous language of North Africa).

  • GoldenTree Imprint – Dedicated to children’s picture books in English. We are currently focusing on the Adventures of Lucy & Luke series.

  • Fossil Prose Press – Dedicated to academic and non-fiction books focusing on special interests, arts, culture, and language.

Our mission is to foster enthusiasm for reading. We seek talented authors and support their creations! We look for stories that communicate ideas that enlighten, entertain, stimulate, and unite them with book lovers worldwide.  

What We Do

Our devoted team of professionals is dedicated to helping authors achieve their finest work. We embrace new technologies and collaborate with authors at every stage of the publishing process. We also passionately protect our authors’ intellectual property and advocate for their freedom of expression, ensuring that their voices carry to communities and societies around the globe.

Our Commitment

We are committed to publishing books that serve society. We publish and invest in new ideas, creativity, and diverse voices. Our publishing, charitable donations, and leadership of numerous campaigns and initiatives promote literacy and reading culture, support freedom of expression, and reflect our belief in the power of books to connect and change lives.

At A Glance

Middle East Publishing was established on March 1, 2010, in Orlando, Florida, USA. Since 2020, we publish 1-5 original titles annually and distribute them in the USA and globally.  We try to help local environmental causes each year and donate a small portion of our profits to local charity groups. And, we use only sustainable paper vendors and print with environmentally friendly ink.